Training Matrix

  • 1Additional or repeated training may be required if the staff notes user deficiencies.
  • Times are approximate, and actual staff training time will be billed per user.

Badger Name


Training Contact

Approx. Training Hours (Hrs)

General Training Sessions      
Safety Tour   Paula 1
Photolithography   Yusha 0.5 – 1
Acid Bench   Ryan 2
Solvent Bench   Yusha 0.5 – 1
KOH   Ryan 1
Lithography, South      
Brewer1 Brewer CEE Model 100 Spinner Yusha 0.5 – 1
Solitec1_ncnc, Solitec2_ncnc Solitec 5110-CT Spinner Hotplate Yusha 0.5 – 1
Ksuss_MA4_1_ncnc, Ksuss_MA4_2_ncnc Karl Suss MA4 Aligner Yusha 1-2
EVG 620 Mask_Bond Aligner EVG 620 Mask Aligner Yusha 1-2
CHA-Ebeam_ncnc CHA AutoTech II E-Beam Evaporator Chan 3 x 2 sessions
CHA_Sputter_ncnc CHA MPS-4 Sputter Chan Not Ready
Lesker_Sputter_ncnc Lesker Labline Sputter Chan ■ Metal Deposition: 3 x 2 sessions
    Chan ■ Reactive Sputtering: 3 x 3 sessions
Plasmatherm790_RIE_ncnc PlasmaTherm 790 Series Yusha 1
Technics_RIE_ncnc Plasma Equip. Tech. Services (PETS) RIE Yusha 1
Xactix_XeF2_Etch_ncnc SPTS XactiX e1 Yusha 0.5
Canon_2_ncnc DPSS Laser   1
Dektak XT Bruker Decktak XT Chan 0.5
Nanometrics_ncnc Nanospec AFT Note1  
Dektak 3ST Dektak 3ST Surface Profilometer Chan 0.5
Ellipsometer J.A. Woollam M-2000 Chan 1
Rapid_Thermal_Processer Allwin AW610 Chan 1
AS-One RTP Annealsys AS-One 100 HT Chan 1
Programmable Oven Yamato Scientific America DP63 Yusha 0.5
Dicing Saw_ncnc Disco DAD 321 Dicing Saw Chan 3×2 sessions
CPD_1_ncnc Tousimis Autosamdri-815 Yusha 0.5
EVG 501 Bonder EVG 501 Bonder Yusha 0.75
EVG 810 Plasma Activation EVG 810 Plasma Activation Yusha 0.5
Spin_Rinse_Dryer_3_ncnc Semitool PSC-101 Yusha 0.25
FEI_NanoSEM_ncnc FEI 430 NanoSEM  Ryan 2 x 2 sessions
NPGS EBL system Electron Beam lithography includes sample prep, dev, characterization   4 x 3 sessions
FEI_Scios_FIB_ncnc FEI Scios DualBeam SEM/FIB  Andrew 2 x 2 session (min)-process dependent
Oxford EDS/EBSD EDS and EBSD materials characterization  Andrew 2 x 2 sessions
Gold_Carbon Sputter Coater Quorum Tech Q150RES  Ryan 0.25
Probe Station   Yusha 0.5
CV Plotter   Yusha 0.5


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