The Center for Nano and Micro Manufacturing (CNM2)

“Supporting leading-edge scalable research and development in electronics, materials, life sciences, and devices” 


Mission Statement

     The CNM2 provides the campus community with a full spectrum of state-of-the-art micro-nanofabrication technologies, processes, and services.  Specifically, the Center enables nanometer-scale lithography, deposition, etching, and characterization capabilities for leading-edge research in advanced materials, electronics, optics and biomedical devices.

     Moreover, CNM2 staff offer consultation, training, and services in emerging bio-micro-nano applications to both industrial users and campus research communities encompassing electronics and materials, and also the health and life sciences, including lab-on-a-chip medical device fabrication.  We also serve as an engineering innovation hub, facilitating both campus-based start-up companies and emerging regional industries.


     CNM2 brings critical knowledge to the manufacturing industry, demonstrating the scalability and economic feasibility of processes developed through UC Davis  interdisciplinary research programs. The reseach center offers educational courses, hands-on short courses, and training workshops applicable to  a variety of user groups. The Center also engages  the scientists and engineers of tomorrow through various outreach programs to local community colleges and K-12 schools.


     CNM2 includes a 10,000 square-foot Class 100 cleanroom, offering a broad line of lithography tools with resolution capabilities down to 50nm, metal and dielectric thin-film deposition,  dry etching, as well as numerous  characterization tools to support device manufacturing for a variety of industries and applications. The facility has capabilities to accommodate a wide variety of substrate materials including: Si, SiO2, borosilicate glass, InP, GaAS as well as well as biocompatible polymer materials such as PDMS.

External to the cleanroom we have an additional 5000+ square feet of research space which houses both a high resolution SEM and FIB system used for sample characterization and TEM sample preparation. The staff is available from 9-5 to assist internal and external users with process development and training to help streamline research projects.


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